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Connecting a Core System

Linking your instance of Gentrack Velocity or Junifer to a Data Gateway allows real time events to be published to your connectors and custom integrations.

Before you begin

You should have a Data Gateway component installed and recommended security measures have been implemented to stop unauthorised access.  Refer Installing the Data Gateway.

Connecting to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services

To connect your Velocity or Junifer system to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services, complete the following tasks:

Register a tenant

The tenant is created in the Developer Portal then connected to the Data Gateway which will act as a communication broker for that instance of Junifer or Velocity. The process you follow depends on how your system is hosted.

Register a tenant in a managed services environment

Gentrack will work with you to choose which environments you would like to connect to (Development, Test, Production).  We will then add these tenants to the Data Gateway and provide you with your tenant identifier and a custom URL to load into your Core System.

Register a tenant in a on-premise environment

  1. Log into the Developer Portal as a user with administrator access.

  2. In the Developer Portal open the Tenants page from the Manage Access section.

  3. Click Add Tenant and enter a unique name such as Development or Production. This may take several seconds as the security keys are generated. A new Tenant Id is displayed.

  4. Copy the new Tenant Id.

  5. Click Connect tenant button and fill out the form with the following settings:

    • Data Gateway URL - Full URL of the Data Gateway web server e.g.
    • Product type - Junifer or Velocity
    • Web service URL of the environment to connect to - For example, Junifer: http://[servername]:43002/, where [servername] is the hostname or IP address
    • Username and Password - Used for API authentication and must match an existing API user of the Core System. Not all Junifer instances currently enforce API authentication but this will become mandatory in the future.
  6. Click Connect Tenant.

The data you entered is validated by performing a complete trip between Gentrack Cloud, Data Gateway, and Core System. If successful, the form will disappear. Otherwise an error will be displayed, resubmit the form once the information has been corrected.

To link your instance of Junifer to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services, the Data Gateway must be added as an API event subscriber in Junifer.

  1. Add Data Gateway as an event subscriber. For instructions, see Creating a new subscriber in How to manage API event subscribers and subscriptions - Use the following settings:

    • Name - Integration Services - Data Gateway
    • Delivery URL - https://[datagateway]/api/v1/junifer/[tenantId]/events
      • [datagateway]- hostname or IP address of the Data Gateway
      • [tenantId] - unique identifier provided by the tenant registration
    • Event subscriptions - Add event subscriptions for all relevant events including Bill Accepted, Payment Accepted, and so on.Ping Event is not required
  2. Test the Data Gateway subscriber to confirm that the test event is successfully delivered. For instructions, see Testing a subscriber in How to manage API event subscribers and subscriptions.

Data Gateway will now receive the events you have subscribed to.

You must add the Data Gateway as a messaging service in Velocity.

  1. Log in to Velocity as a system administrator.

  2. Go to Gentrack Launch Pad > Configuration Search. The Search for a Configuration Option screen displays.

  3. In Search Term, type interface.

  4. In the Configuration Options list, click FILEMANAGER.MESSAGESERVICE

  5. Click Finish. The Interface Message Service screen displays.

  6. Click the Create Message Service action. The Create Message Service screen displays.

  7. Fill out the fields with the following values:

    • Service ID - GCIS
    • Service Name - Integration Services - Data Gateway
    • Notify Contact - If you want to receive notifications of connection failures, enter your email address
    • Send URL - https://[datagateway]/api/v1/velocity/[tenantId]
      • [datagateway] - hostname or IP address of the Data Gateway
      • [tenantId] - unique identifier provided by the tenant registration
    • Send Procedure - Integration Services - Data Gateway
    • Send Retry Interval - 2 minutes
    • Send Logging Enabled - Leave disabled unless there are errors that require troubleshooting.
  8. Click Finish.

Your Velocity instance will now begin to publish events which will be received by the Data Gateway.

Last updated on 26 Jun 2019