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Getting Started

You have chosen Gentrack to help you drive critical meter-to-cash processes. Delivering a great service needs a reliable back office capability and a connected front-office. Gentrack Cloud Integration Services is designed to allow you to leverage key data and events from your meter-to-cash processes across the digital enterprise. You can use this to develop tailored customer experiences, harness best-in-class applications and services for more specialized capability, and do so knowing that the data is connected.

To get you started on that journey is our which exposes key events from the core. These events can be used in many ways:

  • Tailor interactions – enhance your communications by leveraging richer tooling
  • Initiate workflows – trigger follow-on action in other systems based on an event occurrence
  • Analyse behaviours – store in an analytics tool

We realize you will want to do more. We are working to expand the capability to unlock more of what you need in your digital enterprise. If there is a scenario that you are thinking about, send us product feedback so we can help you differentiate at speed!

Connecting to the tenants

The first step of the integration is connecting your each instance of your core product to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services.

For self-hosted customers, we provide a Data Gateway component which is responsible for establishing a secure, efficient connection from the core product to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services. It is self-contained and automatically updated by Gentrack Cloud Integration Services once activated. A typical setup may include a tenant to cover each environment - development, test, and production:

Installing Data Gateway is straightforward. Our expert services team will work with you to install the Data Gateway within your IT infrastructure. Once installed, your account manager will create your organisation account in Gentrack Cloud Developer Portal. They will also provide you the keys necessary to establish the final connection.

Proceed to Connecting a Core System to connect your core product to Gentrack Cloud Integration Services.

Manage Access

As an organisation administrator, you can invite internal and/or external developers and partners to participate.

Setting up your integration

Once your tenants are registered with Gentrack Cloud Integration Services, you are ready to create your first app.

Next steps

Last updated on 16 Jul 2021