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Gentrack Events

Gentrack Events are used by the Salesforce Sales Cloud Connector to synchronise the Gentrack entities to Salesforce upon changes in Gentrack entities.

EventTriggers WhenEvent Publication Supported?
Quote Created
A new order is created.No
Quote Updated
The details of an order change, including type, dates, etc.No
Quote Ready
An order is ready to be "offered" to the customer, no more changes allowed.No
Quote Accepted
An order is accepted.No
Quote Cancelled
An order is cancelled.No
Contract Created
An order has started being provisioned.No
Contract Active
An order has successfully completed being provisioned.No
Contract Completed
An order is flagged as complete.No
Contract Cancelled
An order is cancelled after being accepted.No
Switch Gain Started
A switch notification has been sent to the registry.No
Switch Gain Finished
A switch completed notification has been received from the registry.No
Switch Gain Cancelled
A switch cancelled notification has been received from the registry.No
Switch Gain Objected
A withdrawal has been received from losing retailer.No
Switch Loss Started
A customer leaving by switching to a different service provider.Yes
Switch Loss Cancelled
A customer that was leaving by switching to a different service provider has been retained.Yes
Switch Loss Finished
A customer has been lost by switching to a different service provider.Yes
Location Address Updated
A location address is updated.No
Service Created
A new service has been created.No
Service Point Updated
There is a connection between a service provider and a service consumer this is referred to as a service point. This event is raised when an update is made to one of the attributes of a service point.No
Service Location Updated
An installation is assigned to a new location, or when the link to the location is removed.No
Service Address Updated
An address for a service is changed. For example, a new property would start with no address only lot/plan number then an address is added at a later date.No
Service Classification Updated
A service classification is updated (e.g. usage band).No
Metering Updated
An update is made to a meter on a service point.No

We are always looking to expand the event list we make available to Salesforce and will discuss this during the on-boarding program.

Last updated on 13 Apr 2021